2.0 Update - Working URL Router!

URL Router Test Runner Results

Just to keep everyone updated about what's going on, we took the first steps and finished the URL router for 2.0 in it's most basic form today. Nothing ridiculously exciting, but it's still pretty cool.

As you can guess from the screenshot above, we're going to make sure everything in 2.0 has test cases that can be run. For the technically inept, this means that we'll have code that checks our code for us to make sure things are still working the way they're supposed to. In the long run this will help us write better code and things will be less buggy.

Since Jay is concerned that I'm going to be stuck perfecting just this component until next year, I'm going to move on to another module now (not sure what just yet). My goal for the next month (or less?) is to get the groundwork done so that we can get people from the core team working, thus increasing productivity.

As for 1.0 fixes, we're now aware of what's causing the apparent problem (no thanks to PHP), so hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Posted by Will Riley on September 30, 2011


ormaro November 6, 2011 at 11:06 a.m.

quiero conocer a este gran trabajador

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